Five things that measures your growth as a leader

Our work life is our life's work, leading at work makes you a lifelong leader.

‘Moving up the ladder’ is no longer relevant as ’rising in my leadership’


You are increasingly becoming more aware of your self, your surroundings and your reactions to challenges that come to you.


In your presence, team members feel comfortable exposing their vulnerabilities with each other and feel safe taking risks.


You almost always bring a sense of clarity and direction for the team, in times when the way ahead is not so clear.


It’s becoming easier for you to listen, look at the situation from the other person’s perspective and say “I understand” and really mean it.


In your presence, team members naturally understand the why, the overall impact of their work.

Social Intelligence - Emotional Intelligence - Logic Intelligence, Leadership - Impact

Codewave Leadership Café

An open platform for Authenticiy, voice and expression.

Leadership Café is a platform for voice and expression, that actively promotes practicing Self expression for effective communication & social interaction.

It is a 60 minute session every week, where team members, Guest speakers come forward and give talks on a topic they deeply care about – technology, business, design, society, life.

What excites us is openness, opportunity & human transformation.

We believe every project is an opportunity to celebrate authenticity in people, free flow of influence shaping outcomes and our ability to come together as one team to make ideas happen.

Let’s connect.

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