Codewave Leadership Café

An open platform for Authenticiy, voice and expression.

Over 500 micro talks in the last 5 years.

What is Leadership Café?

Leadership Café is a platform for voice and expression, that actively promotes practicing self expression for effective communication & social interaction. It is a 60 minute session every week, where team members, Guest speakers come forward and give talks on a topic they deeply care about – technology, business, design, society, life.

Through this effort, we intend to be able to create moments of truth for the speakers expressing themselves with authenticity & vulnerability, create opportunities for the audience to actively listen, think & question, creating an ambience of belonging & meaningful exchange.

Authenticity — Voice - Influence — Empathy - Self awareness

How did it all start?

What started one friday, as a casual event, with few team members coming forward, talking about a ‘cause’ they felt deeply for, with a personal story and how they hoped to bring change - became a weekly community nurturing activity gradually.

We also once had a guest, Mrs Ratna Mary, our tea vendor speak about her thriving 21 year business, the journey from serving 5 cups of tea to 500 cups a day. Codewave has completed over 500+ talks over the last 5 years.

We intend to keep this platform open for individuals and communities, who wish to share a spark of inspiration and be a part of these extraordinary evenings. If you’re interested in joining one of these sessions or being a guest speaker, send a message to

What excites us is openness, opportunity & human transformation.

We believe every project is an opportunity to celebrate authenticity in people, free flow of influence shaping outcomes and our ability to come together as one team to make ideas happen.

Let’s connect.

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