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01.Digital Strategy & Transformation

Reimagining the digital future of your business

  • 1. Aligning with your brand vision, positioning, strategy & values
  • 2. Understanding your business ecosystem & digitization needs at various levels
  • 3. Reviewing your digital technology systems, applications & infrastructure
  • 4. Prescribing digitization & modernization initiatives to improve key metrics
  • 5. Developing a strategically aligned digitization / modernization roadmap

02.Design Thinking, UI/UX design

Bringing the power of design thinking & multisensorial design

  • 1. Understanding user personas, observing, impersonating to empathize
  • 2. Drawing user journeys, identifying pathways & emotional states - entry to exit
  • 3. Mapping user goals to business goals, identifying ways to influence user into action
  • 4. Developing the blueprint, wireframes & linking them to demonstrate user flows
  • 5. Creating a mood board, identifying audio-visual language for the interface (sounds, colors, symbols, typefaces)
  • 5. Coming up with visual design, multisensorial design that engages multiple senses for greater accessibility & usability
  • 5. Making an interactive design prototype, to illustrate user experience and get early feedback from subjects
IoT - Digital Transformation - Design Thinking - Architecture

03.Cloud/edge architecture & engineering

Building modern mobile-web applications for high scale & speed

  • 1. Understanding the business problem, the product/service & impact of the solution
  • 2. Choosing the right tech stack to achieve required scale, speed & security
  • 3. Evaluating cloud infrastructure ( server / serverless ) needed to run the system
  • 4. Architecting application frontend & backend to gain clarity on what information is saved / computed locally & what travels all the way to the cloud & how frequently & securely
  • 5. Drawing flow diagrams, sequence diagrams to ensure alignment with user journey pathways, designing each function as a “microservice”
  • 6. Engineering end to end flows, user goal wise to ensure continuous deployability (CI/CD), taking a test driven development approach
  • 7. Deploying the application to realtime business environment post quality assurance approval and business approval from the customer’s end

04.Smart sensing tech development

Building solutions involving IoT, edge interactions & intelligence

  • 1. Understanding the business problem, the product/service & impact of the solution
  • 2. Visualizing what moments of user interactions need to be observed, that can give your business a unique competitive advantage
  • 3. Define how to best capture moments with users that matter, with the help of artificial sensors (like computer vision) & other sensors / IoT devices
  • 4. Designing the best visualization of data captured for interpretation, analysis & action
  • 5. Developing a suite of interconnected applications & systems for holistic data collection, continuous analysis and intelligent automation
IoT - Digital Transformation - Design Thinking - Architecture - IoT - Digital Transformation

05.Digital assets management for marketing lead gen & CX.

Driving audience in high volumes to interact with your business on the web & mobile

  • 1. Align with brand's vision, positioning, strategy & values.
  • 2. Understanding your digital marketing goals & methods, identifying user interactions
  • 3. Going through a holistic design thinking & UI/UX design process with customer’s team
  • 4. Designing the touchpoints & user interactions needed to engage target audience (including chatbots, voicebots, audio-visual forms) & creating Information Architecture.
  • 5. Developing the experience on web and mobile through sites, progressive apps, landing pages & tracking deep user interaction for behaviour analysis
  • 6. Implementing performance best practices, taking security precautions, performing SEO checklists and load testing the site to ensure a seamless go-live experience.

06.Autonomous & Assistive AI development

Conversational AI, intent recognition & response automation

  • 1. Understanding where AI interventions are needed & how to make AI most effective
  • 2. Exploring open source general purpose AI/ML for common features like voice / face / image / text / object recognition
  • 3. Identifying needs for custom AI development, natural language processing and unsupervised machine learning
  • 4. Programming custom intelligence and continuous training by varying input params
  • 5. Creating a mood board, identifying audio-visual language for the interface (sounds, colors, symbols, typefaces)
  • 5. Deploying the solution, observing users and evolving intelligence

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